Ibiza has become in recent years the favorite destination of yachts and mega yachts. Thanks to the international fame of the island for …


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The "open" yachts have a wide bathtub distributed in a single plane. Bridge, lounge, dining area and large sundeck area in bow and stern on the same floor. If we compare it with a house, it would be a loft, a unique diaphanous environment perfect for outings of one or more days where the group that rents it will have great interactivity. Another highlight in these yachts is the presence of the "hardtop", system of opening and closing the roof of the yacht, which allows more or less sun.
The "flybridge" yachts have the peculiarity of having an upper outdoor bridge with all kinds of comforts, where you can enjoy a different panoramic view, from the top of the yacht. In some models of yachts, you can find from a large area of solarium, barbecues, TV, and jacuzzi. Without counting, of course, with speakers with high-quality sound and bar. On the lower floor, there is the first bridge, lounge, dining area, bathing platform and sundeck area in the bow.
The exterior part of any of the yachts we offer is designed to make the most of the sea in the most exclusive and comfortable way possible. The large solarium areas allow you to sunbathe receiving the sea breeze, from the stern where you can contemplate the relaxing wake formed during navigation, or from the bow where you will have a formidable panoramic view, being able to contemplate sky, sea, and land. The sound equipment does not leave us at any point of the yacht, nor cold drinks and snacks. If you want to bathe, the comfortable platforms that will facilitate access to the sea. And if you fancy a swim during the night, some of our yachts have submersible lighting.
All the yachts are equipped with an auxiliary boat, a small semi-rigid boat very useful at the time of going down to the beach, going to a restaurant or beach club, besides serving as a great training for practicing some activities. The nautical toys that can complete your experience are many: paddle surfboard, diving equipment, wakeboard, skis, all kinds of inflatables, scooter,
seabob, flyboard, and jet ski.
The interiors of the yachts usually have 2 or more cabins up to 5 in addition to the crew cabin. You will also find high-quality finishes, fine woods, Italian leather upholstery, marble and all the luxury of details distributed by the living room, kitchen and of course, in the cabins and bathrooms, which are often integrated the suite. The generators allow autonomy to use any utensil, even at sea. No problem if you want to prepare on board a delicious baked fish and after eating take a good nap with the air conditioning.
The yachts are available for hire exclusively with a crew. Yachts of up to 15 meters usually carry a crew member, the Captain. That does not mean that you can not have a flight attendant if you wish. The yachts of more than 15 meters also carry the Captain, sailor (s) and stewardess (s). They can be included in the crew, provided that the number of passengers does not exceed the allowed, cook, masseuse, babysitter, diving instructor and other services upon prior request. The crews of the yachts have a lot of experience, they know perfectly every corner of Ibiza and Formentera. They are at the customer's disposal and adapt to all circumstances, interacting with their guests as they wish. So, they will be happy to actively participate in your stay but they also know when they have to preserve your privacy.
Spending a vacation aboard a yacht is like moving the 5-star hotel to the sea. Each day on board will be a different, unique and exclusive experience.
We recommend our clients to book their yacht holidays in advance as this type of boat and service is increasingly demanded in Ibiza.
Let yourself be recommended by our concierge team, an expert in vacation planning. They will recommend the type of yacht that best suits your needs and help you organize any route, activity, and reservations at any restaurant, nightclub, beach club, spa, hairdresser and any other service you need.
At Xaloc Charter Ibiza, we love pampering our clients and we want to continue doing it for many years since our work is our passion.

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