We are a company specialized in boat rental in Ibiza. Since 2006 we offer a wide range of boats for rent. For every occasion a perfect type of boat!

The schooners are a type of classic sailing vessel. In Ibiza, they are the option for group rental of more than 12 people. The schooners are very comfortable and spacious boats, equipped to receive a large number of passengers and with a number of the crew a little larger than usual. You will also find schooners in this section to rent for weeks or longer, a highly recommended option for groups of friends and families who want to navigate the islands, anchor in beautiful coves and spend unforgettable nights under the starry sky and the gentle breeze of the sea with comfort and service on board.

We rent schooners for more than 12 people in Ibiza



The rental of schooners for events or groups of more than 12 people is in great demand and a small number of vessels are available. It is advisable to book in advance. Once the number of passengers is confirmed, an infinity of onboard services can be added to the reservation. Our team will be happy to design a proposal tailored to your needs: catering, music, decoration ... The boarding is usually done in the port of Ibiza Town, but do not forget to check the possibility of boarding from other ports.

The schooners available for weekly rentals have to board usually on Saturdays and disembarking on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. During the stay, you can hire a chef on board who will prepare a menu according to your preferences. The crew will take care of the most entertaining activities and the Captain will draw up a perfect navigation plan.

 Xaloc Charter Ibiza is definitely a company prepared to meet all your expectations and recommend you in every way. Thanks to our years of experience and dedication we can say that it is the best we do since our work is our passion.

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